Is Artist Too Strong Of A Word?

Art has certainly developed over time to incorporate all different forms that were once shunned and overlooked. For example, we now accept street-art, or graffiti as a notable and respected form of art where it once was discarded and seen as rubbish or vandalism. We even accept some modern architectural renders of buildings as a form of art. The term has gradually been redefined to recognize more than just a photo or a painting on a canvas. However, can we also define make-up as a form of art? Is someone who works with make-up a credible artist? The term make-up artist coins the professional in this field but does it suit their line of work? In order to define make up as an art, if that what it is, we then need to decide what we classify as art.

When you ask someone to describe, “what is art?” they immediately visualize grand landscape photographs or stunning pictures painted on a canvas or even on the side of a brick wall. So, really, even traditional art starts simply, with a blank canvas, some brushes and some paint, (or color). In reality, isn’t this exactly what a make-up artist does? They have their blank canvas, (a client’s face) and they then take their make up brushes, their make-up, (this industry’s form of paint) and they then create a beautiful face, highlighting the greatest features of the face and transforming this once blank canvas. So, when you strip it down to the bare details, a make-up artist strikes me as the same as any other artist. Check this out if you are looking for the best 3D architectural designs. 

Additionally, you also need to consider the unconventional make-up artists. For example, consider the make-up artists who work in the theatre. These professionals take their blank canvas, once again and transform it into the supernatural, the paranormal and the mythological. These faces become that of zombies, vampires, monsters and even skeletons. This is a true display of art, what makes it different is simply the chosen canvas.

In today’s world, art comes in all different forms. Starting from the traditional art of sculptures, paintings and photographs, to graffiti and street signs. It seems only fair that make-up artists are considered true artists. They perform the exact same duties as any other artist. A make-up artist is the exact same as a photographer. They see something beautiful and they then find the best way to capture that beauty so they can then showcase it to the world. Additionally, a make-up artist is exactly the same as a painter. They both have their own chosen canvas, and from that they work with their brushes, their cloths and their own unique tools to create true beauty. It is not a stretch to use the term make-up artist because that is exactly what they do in their field… they create art.